Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

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Almost every driver has been in a similar situation: You’re glancing at your dashboard when suddenly it occurs to you that you don’t remember the last time you had your oil changed. There’s no need to panic. Most manufacturers give you a cushion of 3,000 to 10,000 miles between changes.

But certain scenarios do require more immediate attention. We’ve outlined them for you below.

3 Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

Your dashboard lights are on

Your check engine light is there for a reason. So is the oil pressure light, the one that looks like a dripping oil lamp. If either of these is illuminated, there’s a good chance it’s time to have your oil changed — or checked, at the very least. And when you bring your car to Schumacher Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Delray, you can be confident that your car is in capable hands that work with the best products.

The engine runs louder than usual

It’s never a good sign when the smooth rumble of your engine becomes a series of knocking and pinging sounds. Your engine could be working harder than it has to, and low oil could be the culprit. You’ll want to relieve your engine of the stress by bringing it in for an oil change. Otherwise, you could be flirting with friction damage and a sooner-than-expected engine replacement down the line.

There’s a change in oil appearance or level

Oil lubricates the moving parts of your engine, so if levels are low, there’s nothing to keep your engine from suffering unnecessary wear. If you check your oil at home, you probably know that you never want to let it fall below the lower hole on your dipstick.

Oil should also be a healthy, amber color. If your oil is dark or contains floating particles, it could be a sign that sludge is building in the engine. That’s why it’s crucial to schedule routine appointments at our Chrysler Dodge Jeep and RAM Service Center. We’ll keep your engine filled up with fresh, high-quality oil.

Schedule Oil Service in Delray Beach, FL

Now that you know what to look for, let us take care of the hard part. If you’re ready for car service in Delray Beach, Florida, contact us today. While you’re at it, check out all the great Schumacher service coupons to see how you could save on your next visit.

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